What the hell is Body Inventory?
BODY INVENTORY is a series of art works by the visual artist Giancarlo Pazzanese. They begin in 1997 and its main subject is self-portrait. BI integrates photography, painting, video, installation and performance from the optics of the body in relation to new ways of reproducing it digitally.
What is being registered by the Inventory?
All the images and works produced for each exhibition are kept under the Inventory, which is a growing repository made up of texts, audios, videos and other digital files. The images belong mainly to the artists own body, but the viewer is always too close or too far away from the model either visually or conceptually. The works then also point at more abstract questions on different coding systems that classify and identify other people as well.
Who is behind BI?
BI is a one-man corporation; it is a fiction of an art enterprise. We build links with people that join the Inventory according to the needs of each project. BI is, in a way, a group in permanent change.
Is this a joke?
No. This is a serious work where quality time has been invested over 6 years of production. Art can be funny sometimes, but that is another thing...
How does BI work?
We try to go further than the still photo portrait entering in matters of identity, and gender definitions, extending the concept of portrait while working with problems such as object-subject, deep-shallow and private-public for example. The integration of elements of noise and confusion provokes meaning and language crossovers that force the spectator to read from uncertain ground.
Which is the message?

This is not a letter. There is no message composed by a single text. The spectator can "read" what he wants, what he can, or what he should…

I can't find images of the artist's penis….What measures 18cm?
Body Inventory creates spaces of ambiguity and speculation. Over all, our objective is that you come up with the question not that you get any answers.
Is this art? I can do this at home...
  Of course it's art! If it's being shown in museums and galleries, and it's been visited, photographed and seen as an artwork: then it's art, simple.
Who pays for all this?

In BI we cover all the expenses of our art productions and also from this web site mainly without sponsorships. BI creates funds by doing freelance design and corporate communication projects.