LU-CHE is an art project developed by Giancarlo Pazzanese that consists in a performance and city interventions arround the so called 'Latinoamerican utopias'. Several images are printed on the ground with powder chalk and cardboard stencils arround the area of each exhibition and a live action performance completes each action when the artist plays a hopscotch game over a cross like court containing all the images that are repeatedly destroyed each time as the game takes place.

Theses interventions are done usually the morning or evening previous to each performance. The complete action lasts arround 15 min and is staged as a short school break, the dress was a hybrid cross between factory worker and school boy with militar hat and backpack.

was created for a show called HOMEMADE which ehxibited artists that have a special way of relating to chilean politics, tradition, modern cinema, public TV, object and video installations from a "do it yourself" attitude towards art production. The concepts of construction-destruction and the design of the exhibition itself, conformed by performances and site specific montages were the origin of these series of performances.


LU-CHE I, Turnhout : Exterior areas at de Warande Cultural Center in Turnhout, Belgium. Locations: gardens, playground, bus stop, main access, parking place and back building. Performance: 19.04.2007 at 20:00 hr. >see images

LU-CHE II, Berlin : Exterior areas at Kunsthalle Berlin Lichtembergh, Germany. Locations: Anton Saefkow-platz area, tram stop, access, residential flat area and pedestrian zone in front of the exhibition space. Performance: 19.11.2007 at 19.00 hr.
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LU-CHE III, Eindhoven : Caucus Program / Becoming Dutch. Van Abbe Museum in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Locations: Transit path between the Cloister at Canalstraat 8 and areas arround the museum. Performance: 27.11.2007 at 10:00 hr. Van Abbe Museum, Caucus room. >see images

LU-CHE IV, Guangzhou : Guangzhou Trienial exhibition. Guangzhou, China. Locations: Exterior areas at the Guangdong Museum of Art and inside of the Fine Arts Academy of Guangzhou.
Performance: 12.09.2007 at 13.00 hr. >see images

LU-CHE V, Prague : ARCHIVO SUR Exhibition. Futura Space. Prague, Czech Republic. Locations: Smichov, exterior areas around Futura exhibition space. Performance: 23.09.2007 at 13.00
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LU-CHE VI, Utrecht : NO LABEL Exhibition. Locations: Dutch Design Center and exterior areas in the center of Utrecht. Performance: 2610.2008 at 17.00 hr.